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Big Red’s next adventure (day 7)

Today was a relaxing day (as it should be). We found a ward building and attended church. We met some friendly and talented people. We had such good feelings there. In fact, it was a day to be grateful in. After a lunch at Olive Garden we went back to the room and changed into more casual clothes and comfy shoes. I took some photos of curious things around town. We walked into an area that looked like Disneyland, Germany, and England all rolled into one. Needed to sit down and have some ice cream. As we wrapped up the day we drove around looking at the area. I enjoyed listening to the cacadas, (I had totally forgotten that sound). I marveled at the sweet gum trees. Do you know that you can purchase those silly little seed pods 12 for $5? We used to rake them up and toss them in the trash. I also couldn't resist taking a photo of the rock formations. I didn't realize this area was so hilly. The roads undulated over and under bridges, following waterways. I believe the rock is limestone, but I could be wrong. There are caverns here also! It was a good day today.

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