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Day 2 of BIG RED’s Quilt Run

Our first stop today was the COZY QUILT store in El Cajon….they were nice and I recommend a stop. Our 2nd stop was to Rosie’s CALICO CUPBOARD…WOW a must see also in El CaJon. Our 3rd stop was to QUILT IN A DAY which was on the small side but lots of goodies…check it out. ANNIES QUILTING DEN (4th stop) was very small (had a long arm in it). She admits she’s a purist but carrys many fine quality cotton fabrics. Our 5th stop was to INSPIRATIONS QUILT SHOP in Valley Center which had some very nice fabric…worth a look. Our final and 6th shop of the day was in Fallbrook QUILTERS COTTAGE. What a wonderful surprise….it’s newly owned by a cute and sweet couple. A big rig will not fit in the parking lot but it’s a

must see! As we pulled away we drove right into a Winchells donut shop (a long time favorite of my husbands.

I was contacted by someone who saw our van with the bikes. That excited the heck out of me….so if you see me honk, wave, text or call me.

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