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Heirloom Quilt Repair

Anna's original quilt was made by her grandmother before Alaska and Hawaii were states.  The hand embroidery was falling out and the fabric was disintegrating.  I was fortunate to find matching fabric and an embroidery program that stitched the fifty state flowers and birds.(  I wish I had been there when Anna received her completed quilt.  It was a grandmother's hug.

Anna's Quilt
IMG_8878 copy.jpg

This quilt top was not finished, but was given to Lia when her mother passed away.  Lia did not know how to sew.  The top was mostly hand pieced, so I completed it with hand piecing.  I learned I still did not like hand sewing.  I machined quilted it after many hours of hand piecing.  It turned out fabulous. Lia was happy to have a completed quilt, made by her mother.

Sewing Lia's Quilt
Lia's Quilt

Laurie's quilt came to me, as most do, as a finished quilt top.  But there was a big mistake in it (look at the green area), so I had to take some of it apart before I quilted it.  All the appliqués were done by hand.  I had enough fabric left over, so I made Laurie a table runner.

Laurie- before
Repairing Laurie's Quilt
Laurie's - Quilted

Sue brought me her mother's quilt top.  She wanted to know if the fabric was too rotten to quilt it.  The fabric was stable.  I was able to get it to lay flat.

Sue's Quilt - before
Lia's Hand Sewn Top
Sue's Quilt
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