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Working as a team, Palma and I have created over 25 quilts.  Several of these quilts have been for my family members, but most of them were made to donate to young women from our congregation as they have graduated and moved away from home.  Palma's quilting is impeccable, but my favorite part about her work is the personalization.  She always took the time to learn something about the recipient's interests or personality and somehow managed to reflect this in our final product.  She even managed to reflect masculinity in quilts intended for my sons.  Each quilt is unique and my experience is that Palma takes my quilt top and makes it come alive with pattern and design.  Over 25 quilts and I am always 100% satisfied.

Corrine A.


October 2020

Quilting by Palma is hands down the best; she has treated my mom's quilts like the heirloom art they are!  Her work ethic, attention to detail,  and unparalleled quilting skill make her the obvious choice.  She has created for me a lifetime memory of my mom.  I love my quilts and it was all made possible by Palma.  She is a God send!

Bobbie C.


September 2020

Palma's longarm design artistry absolutely blows me away.  Quilters know each top has its own unique "personality" and Palma's longarm work really brings this out.  She works with each maker to coordinate thread color(s) and design ideas.  No matter what I've thrown at her, modern, traditional, scrappy or avant garde, Palma has done masterful jobs on them all.  As I told her once, I'm sure she could hear the squeals of delight when I unpackage a completed top after shipment!  At this point, I will use no other longarmer.

Gayle M.


August 2020


This award-winning artist has impressed me since the day I met her. What she brings to the quilting table, in addition to exquisite stitching and lovely fabrics, is delightful creativity and an accomplished teaching ability. Most endearing is Palma’s uniquely sensitive and meaningful approach to the needs and wishes of her clients. In addition, her ability to transform and restore heirlooms have enriched and delighted many of her clients. I am honored to own one of her original, personalized lap quilts. 

Martha H.


August 2020

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