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Longarm Quilting

How to prepare your quilt top:

1.  Trim and square up your quilt tops and backs.


2.  The quilt top should lay flat to avoid bunching      or puckers.


3.  Press all seams flat or they may cause folds or        bunching on the top of your quilt.


4.  Remove loose threads from the quilt top.  Dark      threads may show through lighter fabrics.


5.  If quilt top is directional, mark the top with a          safety pin.


6.  If you wash your top fabrics, I recommend you      wash and iron your backing fabric.


7.  Make sure your back and your batting is 6"            wider and longer than your top.


8.  Make sure your seams are secure, especially on      borders.


Batting Choices

All my batting comes from Quilter's Dream Batting.  On hand, I have Quilter's Dream Poly Select, Quilter's Dream Cotton Select in Natural and White, and Quilter's Dream Wool.  I can quickly get any Quilter's Dream Batting, including Bamboo and Silk.

Backing Fabrics

I have a limited supply on hand.

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