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BIG RED is home (day 17)

We headed home through HWY 152 from Silver City. I don't recommend this for anything but a car. It's beautiful but very twisty. We made it to Aunt Judy's Attic Quilt Shop. It's a big red building that you cannot miss in Silver City, New Mexico. What wondeful people work there! This is a must stop. They have been in business for 16 years. They have "fabulous classes and fantastic teachers". They do quilts of valor, donation quilts for the women's center and the police. Judy teaches 4H youth! The second Tuesday of each month they ir doors at 9:30 to showcase new fabrics and patterns, homemade snacks are provided then the fabric is put on sale for all attendees. I understand as many as 40 people attend this "party". They have an online store do sewing machine repairs, and have long arm services. They also must have the best selection of embroidery floss on the planet! I will be going back someday. We finally headed home with one last stop at my favorite rest stop, Texas Canyon.

I could look at those rocks for hours (when it's cooler). It was so refreshing to be greeted with a little bit or precious rain. For those that enjoyed my dialog thank you for your comments and suggestions. I usually post things a lot less that 17 days in a row. So I will be silent for a little bit. Happy quilting!

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Jul 20, 2023

Texas Canyon is my 2nd best rest stop and the one is Las Cruces is first. Thanks for sharing. We camped in Silver City last May right down the road from this quilt shop. I'll check it out next May. See you soon! Teena

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