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Big Red’s adventure (day 10)

A huge thank you goes out to Stewart Plank of A-1 Quilting Machines, for suggesting we visit "Top of the Rock Ozark Heritage Preserve. It was WOW factors all over the place. We kept saying wow! The museum was well done also. We ran out of energy but thoroughly enjoyed this place. A must do. We decided to do the golf cart trail so we could see more things. The bridges were built by the Amish with no power tools! We ran out of time to see anymore quilt stores today but my long arm was ready so we went to go get it. Randy showed me some new things to do on it and helped us load it on to Big Red. They will be at the Houston International quilt show this year! Go see will be glad you did. We drove back to the room and stayed indoors during this very hot day. We will be going to see an illusionist in Branson this evening... So I'm closing my eyes and putting my feet up for a smidgen.....thunderstorms with hail expected!

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