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BIG RED’s adventure (day 11)

We left Branson today and headed to Hamilton, Missouri! BUT we visited more quilt stores first. Our first one was Quilters HQ in Olathe , Kansas. I learned a few new things from them. They have been in business since 2017, have an online store, they hold classes, and events, retreats, there are clubs that meet there as well as many guilds. They also have kids classes! But the biggest surprise (new to me) is they have a quilting machine that is a full frame qulter. Your quilt is not our on rollers. It's an amazing machine to watch. The second shop we stopped at in Olathe was Quilters Haven. They have been in business for 23 years! They sell flannels, kids fabrics, and something (new to me again) called Japanese Taupe. Gorgeous fabric. They hold classes and sell the Handi Quilter Long arm. Our third stop was in Lenexa, Kansas. Prairie Point Quilt shop. I could have stayed here all day! Amanda was so nice. They have been in business for 10 years. They don't sell machines but will point you in the direction you need to go less than a block away. If you need it it they have it. Their fabric is wonderful. They hold retreats once a month. They have facebook live on Thursdays. They have a super large classroom, and hold all sorts of events. August 19th Renee Nanneman will be doing an event there. Sign up soon! Our 4th quilt store was Harpers Fabric and Quilt Co. They have been in business for 42 years! They are in Overland Park area in Kansas. They have a great tech for your machine/s. They have apparel fabric and patterns. AND they hold 100 classes each quarter! Our 5th stop was at Addadi's Fabric. They are closed until late July. Looks like an interesting store though. We then rolled into Hamilton found our B&B, rested on the front porch and actually saw fire flies when it got dark! ate, drove around then hit the sack. Tomorrow I will hit the stores. We made it!!!

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