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BIG RED’s Adventure (day 12)

After having a lovely breakfast at the B&B we headed into town two blocks away. We could have walked but my knees are screeming at me. So, with credit card in hand I headed to the main shop of MSQC on the east side of the street. It was clean with super friendly and helpful people. I was invited into the retreat center and was shown around. They gave me some great ideas. I hope to come back with a group to participate in a retreat here. I forgot to mention, for my fellow birders, yesterday while we were eating dinner at Eggo's Cafe I could watch a few Chimney Swifts fly into a chimney....very fun to watch. My husband and I saw a few quilt blocks in the windows of the Hyklas grocery store. We disagreed which one was the better one so we got both! They are beautiful! We headed to Kansas City to find a grave of my grandmother. At Forest Hill we were lucky and found her. The vase was missing so it is going to be replaced next week. We will be called when it is complete then flowers will be place there. Cool! We then went over to the Leavenworth National Cemetary, Kansas. We walked a ways looking for my grandfather who served in WW2. He wasn't in the cemetery's computer register but he was in the old book. We got that straightened out. As we were pondering this beautiful place a storm was threatening so we left. Our devices were letting us know every minute where lightening was. We managed to keep dry as we raced to a resturant for dinner. We are now sitting on the front porch just a swangin......waiting for the fire flies to come out......the rain has stopped and the sunset is pretty.

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