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BIG RED’s adventure (day 13)

Today my husband dropped me off on the other side of the street while he went to do laundry. How cool is that. He didn't even want to hang out at MAN's LAND. I managed to get into all of the stores...even the ones up stairs. Had a ball seeing all the fabrics, notions and such. (They had an elevator that took me upstairs) When the laundry was done so was I. But wait there's more....I had to see the museum (I also had to change my shoes...did a lot of walking). Hey ladies that have an A1 long arm, check out this 1980 A1! The museum was kinda expensive.....$12 EACH. We did have an Amish snack that was huge. (chocolate, cream filled pastry of some kind) We then reached the pinnacle of our trip. We got to go to a few church sites. We enjoyed this very much. Quiet, sacred, and peaceful. Looong day.

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