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Day 12

Day 12 of BIG RED’s QUILT RUN…. We have visited 30 quilt stores so far with more yet to go. Today we visited 6. We headed to Oregon City to visit CEDAR RIDGE QUILTS. It has lots of parking but not for big rigs. It was clean, unassuming, Marcie the owner was very nice as well as the employees. They have some very fun patterns and a good collection of fabric. Our second stop was in Keizer at THE COTTON PATCH. Diane, the owner, is very generous and friendly. They have a classroom and the shop is on the small side but filled with great fabric. The parking lot is small. Our third stop was in Dallas (not Texas) at GRANDMAS ATTIC. It’s in old town so parking is at an angle. They have a large classroom. Their fabrics are reproductions of the 30s and 40s as well as the 1900’s. She carries a lot of batiks but was out when I was there. It’s a popular place with very nice people. Our 4th stop was in Philomath at SEW IT SEAMS. They have generous street parking. She carry’s nice yarn, very cute fat quarter bundles, does consignments for locals and has some great items that are made by local artisans. The 5th stop was in Newport at QUILTERS COVE. Their parking lot is on the small side but an ice cream place was right next door. She has a dog but I didn’t see it. She has lots of fabric with a costal theme. The shop is on the smallish side but you won’t be disappointed. We raced to our 6th stop before they closed. It’s in Tillamook. The LATIMER QUILT AND TEXTILE CENTER. Costs $3 to get in but it is a wow. I could have stayed there a lot longer. Their displays change every two months. Fabric artisans from all over display their work. It’s a huge building with looms in a huge classroom (I guess the classroom was filled shortly before I got there) I did get to watch one lady weave a beautiful scarf. There are any rooms to walk through to admire the art. There are items to purchase. I purchased some alpaca wool for one of my door prizes at my retreats. Take the time to walk around in this historic building. We had dinner at the Scooner (lots of locals eat there but I was not impressed) We are spending the night at Sheltered Nook in a TINY HOUSE. (Cute)

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