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Day 13

Day 13 and 34 shops visited with BIG RED. Almost 400 brochures handed out! Our first stop today after saying farewell to the TINY HOUSE was the must see Tillamook Creamery…. . We did not take a tour or have ice cream but I did purchase the sqeeky cheese. Right across the street is where the locals say is the best seafood in town. We drove on to SWIFT STITCHES in Garabaldi, Oregon. She was closed due to an illness. Bummer. We then headed to Cannon Beach to CENTER DIAMOND. Very small parking lot but has a cute blown glass shop next door and very near Haystack Rock. The quilt shop carries many fine quality fabrics including beachy, modern, batiks, and Asian. They weren’t too keen on taking any of my brochures they want to keep their clientele local. They did take 3 out of courtesy. The town is cute but not suitable for big rigs. Next we made our way to Astoria (where Goonies was filmed) We had a nice parking spot just outside HOMESPUN QUILTS AND YARNS. It’s a large shop with cute fabric and yarns of course. They have a cute selection of hand made buttons and they will have a classroom set up soon. I purchased a few laser cut salmon and one Sasquatch. And of course we ate at MO’s near the Columbia River Maritime Museum….and the fish and chips place “the Bow Picker” They look lIke they have gone out of business…..very sad. It was a great local place to eat. We then drove to Kelso, Washington, to check out PAISLEY DUCK QUILTING AND DESIGN. It’s on a busy street so the parking is tough but it’s worth your visit. It’s a friendly and fun shop. You get a free rubber Ducky with a purchase! We then headed back to Troutdale , Oregon, to see if MY QUILTING LOFT WAS OPEN….it was and I was so glad. They were very nice and have great fabric. You need to see their on line sales and new arrivals. Check out their Facebook live on Saturdays at 10am. They also will be at Sisters! We are hoping to be there also. We ended our day back in Happy Valley with a full tank of gas and dinner.

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