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Day 16

Day 16 of BIG RED’s QUILT RUN…..

After mowing our daughter’s yard with a push mower we said our goodbyes for the day and went shop hopping. We drove into Gresham, Oregon, to FEATHER YOUR NEST. She had flamingos everywhere! They have been open for 10 years and has a classroom. The fabric is very fun and they have an online store. Chris is the owner. We then had to stop at MONTAVILLA SEWING CENTER in Lake Oswego. They have really grown in 3 years. They have a large classroom, great fabric, machines, sewing supplies and very nice staff. We then hustled over to FIDDLESTICKS in Vancouver Washington. It’s a smallish store but they have a great classroom opening up. They have two longarms. They have Block of the Month Facebook, and hybrid groups. They been around a while. Nice shop. Gas is much less expensive here than where we’ve been.

We spent the evening with some wonderful friends and played a game of Qwirkle.

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