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Day 20!

We have stopped at 40 quilt shops so far! For BIG RED’s QUILT RUN TODAY we loaded her up said farewell to family. We headed to Bend, Oregon where we stopped in the QUILT BASKET. It’s a great shop and Stacey, the owner, is so nice. The shop has one long arm, they also quilt quilts off sight. They have some very large classrooms. She has some well know instructors that teach there. Of course I purchased something for drawings at my retreats. Read up on the name changes of the three sisters….very interesting. We then grabbed lunch and headed to SISTERS. Ahhhhh NERVANA. As soon as we parked the van a couple asked for some brochures. Big Red was doing her job. I guess the show is still virtual as well as live and half the expected people where there (okay by me) It was HOT and we had to rest with a root beer float. I took many photos and cannot show them all but the photos don’t do them justice. Things I did not know is anyone can enter their quilt, no judging and some were for sale even. As I was done walking around we made our stop at the STITCHING POST quilt shop. It was so busy I didn’t purchase anything but they have always been nice and have great fabric, gifts, and yarn. These two shops are a must if you are in the area. We will eat dinner at Club Pioneer in Prineville. Enjoy the photos….

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