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Day 23

BIG RED’s quilt run……

We visited 7 quilt shops today so that makes 53 in all. We had heat and rain. Our first shop of the day was in Brigham City. Fran, the owner of VILLAGE DRY GOODS, came walking in just as I got there. What a sweet person. She let me know they have an online store, they have classrooms, have reproduction fabrics as well as wool. They also are a Gammil dealer. I left with a gift for my retreat guests. Our second stop was QUILTERS ATTIC in Bountiful. They have a website, a “comments sold”, kits, a classroom, Long Arm, vintage fabric and wools. Linda says they have been in business for 8.5 years and survived covid. They also have open sew and a good parking area. We took a side trip to get the perfect eclair at Carols Pastry shop (down an alley in SLC and Ruby Snaps cookies, a must stop place) Our stop #3 was PINENEEDLES in Gardner Village in West Jordan. Our van definitely got noticed but the shop had about 20 people so I didn’t talk with the owner. They have a very fun shop of modern fabrics, and supplies for sewing and quilting. The the village has a lot of fun things to do and a great place for a lunch break. A big rig can enter from State Street to park in a big lot. Our 4th stop was at QUILT ETC in Sandy Utah. I’ve been here a few times and I just love it. Street parking is scary and the parking lot is small. They have been in business for 34 years! They have 4 classrooms and clubhouse to rent for retreaters. The employees are very nice. I saw wool and retro fabrics but the place was so big I didn’t see it all. There are a lot of stairs to maneuver. Stop #5 was AMERICAN QUILTING in Orem Utah want too interested in what I had to say but she did take a flyer to hang. Leslie, the shopkeeper said they have been in business for 20 years. Their fabrics are mostly reproductions and 1930’s. But they do have other fabrics. It’s a smallish shop with a good parking lot. Shop #6 was UTAH VALLEY QUILT COMPANY in Springville, Utah. It’s mostly a quilting business with 4 busy Gammils. She has great wide backing and 7 different batting’s to sell, as well as kits and blendables. She donated two yards of fabric for my retreats! She said her turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. She takes mail in orders. She has been open for 9 years. Very nice lady. Last shop of the day was CORN WAGON QUILT COMPANY also in Springville. She came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. They have been in business for 22 years. The parking is way to small for a big rig but you can’t miss this shop. They have classroom, and retreats for rent. Light airy clean and friendly. We drove to Cedar City to spend the night….

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