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Day 6 of BIG RED’s quilt run

Day 6 of BIG RED’s quilt run….we started our day from Salem. We enjoyed a rest at a rest stop where we remember these beautiful trees. We went to FINALLY TOGETHER QUILT in Lebanon. (thank you, Barbara for recommendation) Paula has 3 longarms, hold classes, and it’s a great destination. I usually spend about 15 minutes and the same amount of money but this next store blew it for me. SPECKLED HEN QUILT shop was awesome. Cute country house with a very cute inside. She had a guard cat that was sleeping on the job. The owner makes her own patterns and will have a workshop using feeds sacks in February. She sells FEATHERWEIGHTS! And things that so with them! She suggested we eat at Fir Point farms….I am so glad we did….it’s another destination but getting out of her lot is a little scary! Hang a right only! Our third shop for the day was PIONEER QUILTS….this is a must see. What an awesome place. Lots of fabric classrooms and doo dads. I could have spent a few days there. This is an old farm house that used to be a winery. Good parking but kinda tricky to get out of it. When we got to my daughters home we we’re greeted with a very sweet sign and we had a block party. You can see Mt Hood in the far distance from my daughter’s back porch.

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