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Just another day in the life of a longarmer

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

So, as I was past the half way point of this beautiful quilt, my bamboo batting arrived. I know when un-packed its gonna expand big time, so get out of the way says I. I thought I would prepare the pole where its going to be placed on so I get down on the floor and move things around. I thought it would be wise to get it on the pole before I set it free. I came up hard and hit my head on the underside of my long arm table. Oh didn't give at all and my head is still throbbing. So back to the quilt.....oh I better tame it a little, it has some wonkies it in....used my cordless steam is the bomb!!!! Almost done with the quilt....the UPS man shows up with 6, 87 pound boxes! The sewing cabinets have showed up for the 6 sewing machines just purchased. The studio is becoming a real classroom.....The quilt will get done first. Clients are my first priority. Did I mention I got asked to leave 3 of my quilts in the little artist colony, in Tubac? The quilt store is called QuiltsLTD. Cute little place.

And to finish up the day I wanted to post this fabulous wall hanging I quilted for a client. It was so fun to quilt. It had wool appliques all over it.

As we are preparing for the retreats, lessons, and classes I am so excited to be meeting new friends from all over the nation.

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