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Well now that you have my attention.....

This weekend was a record for me regarding about 30 subscriptions! I am so excited to share with interested quilters. Many of you have asked questions about prices and dates. Here is what we know: The retreats will be Mondays through Fridays starting in the fall. If needed, we will pick you up at the Tucson airport on Sunday, late afternoon and drop you off Saturday morning. You do not need to rent a car if arriving by air. You will have comfortable lodging (photos to come), breakfast, lunch, and dinner, one day of shop hopping, quilt on new sewing machines (provided) AND the use of a hot tub. Each retreat will be a little different but these are the basics....the first retreat we will be making a mystery quilt. I will send you that pattern once a deposit is made. The cost will be around $1000 for the week. We have places for 6 people to sleep (if 2 don't mind the same queen bed). We have places for an additional 4 more machines if you bring your own. If you have friends or family in town and you do not want to lodge here that cost will be subtracted. That also goes for anyone staying in an RV resort. If you have ever stayed in Tucson in the fall or winter you know it is beautiful.

Here we are enjoying our indoor SPOOL

That is a thing. Too big to be a hot tub and too small to be a pool. We cool off or warm up.....depending on the weather.

We have beautiful sunsets daily and much of the time we eat outside.

I just completed Joan's quilt and she will be picking it up tomorrow. It will be going to Connecticut. Joan wanted wool batting because of this. Speaking of batting, the bamboo batting did not expand like I thought it sure is soft and is supposed to be good for people with allergies.

Here is a close up of Joan's quilt and the full view.

Just a little tid bit....when I work on a quilt and do not want to mark on it, I use safety pins with little pieces of fabric on them or the dry cleaners tabs. When not in use I stick them in my little donkey.

I would really like to know if a week of quilting, eating, hot tubbing, and shop hopping is too long of a stay? Taking a poll........

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