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Are you ready to sew, soak, and sit?

The machines are set up and all run perfectly. I have tried them all out. The simple table runner is so easy to make I have a bonus project if we are fast with the table runner. You don't have to make yours like mine...just use 3 different colors of your choice. I will be adding tassels to mine. The pool is set at a wonderful "not to hot not to cold temperature" and the dessert is to die for.

We needed to put a new cooler on top of the house. A crane was needed to hoist the beast up there. The cooler works wonderfully.

Our 11 year old German shepherd will great you while you are here. She is well behaved and friendly.....The deadline to reserve your spot for the Mother's Day special is May 1st. Hope to see you.

Yes, I will be wearing a face shield and have been


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