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EQ is coming to town


October 25th through the 27th…3 whole days we will have EQ8 bootcamp. You must bring your own software already on your laptop with the latest update for EQ8 of

If you’re new to EQ or a seasoned EQer you will not want to miss this event.

Connie Grossarth from Phoenix, who is a certified EQ instructor, will be teaching. She has taught for 15 years at the 35th Ave SEW & VAC in Phoenix. Before that, she taught at Montavilla Sewing Centers in Portland, OR. She has a vast knowledge of computers and EQ.

Classes will run from 9:30-11:30 then continue from 2:30-4:30, Monday through Wednesday. Each day will build on the previous day. See the following schedule.

EQ8 Outline for Classes

Lesson I- “Welcome to EQ8” (Monday AM)

A. General Icons to Know

B. Getting Started with a Basic Quilt Design

C. Which Tools do I use?

D. How Do I Print Pieces/Quilts?

Lesson II (Monday PM)

A. Designing Custom Quilts

B. Analyzing Quilt Blocks

C. Drawing a Pieced Block

D. One Patch Quilts

E. Borders, Borders, Borders

Lesson III (Tuesday AM)

A. Degrees on a Circle - How to Rotate

B. Using the Special Tools in EQ8

C. What is the difference between PatchDraw and PolyDraw?

Lesson IV (Tuesday PM)

A. Working with Appliqués

B. Using Photos on a Quilt Block

C. Drawing Hexagons

Lesson V (Wednesday AM)

A. Using Embroidery Designs on a Quilt

B. Scanning your own Fabric

C. Tracing a Quilt Block

D. Tracing Images

Lesson VI (Wednesday PM)

A. Designing a different Quilt using a Basic Quilt Block

B. Bargello Quilts

C. Shades and Tints on a Quilt

D. Working with BlockBase

The cost of the classes is $100 per day.

If you would like to stay with us (Meals and Lodging included) the cost is an additional $100 per day.

If you want to stay somewhere else, please bring your own lunch or we can order from here. Bottled water will be provided.

Reservations are being taken currently. We have space for 9 students in class, and a room with 4 beds if you want to stay here.

These will fill quickly, so reserve your spot with a $100 deposit. All monies are due by the 18th of October. There is a $50 cancellation fee.

We take Zelle (preferred), Venmo, Apple Pay, Pay Pal, Credit Card, Check, or stop by with cash.

Thank you,

Palma Davis


548 E. Drawdown Trail, Corona de Tucson, AZ 85641

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