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Getting Antsy?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I just put this beautiful monster quilt on the machine and have a few quilting stitches in.

I usually let the quilt rest on the rollers as it talks to me to let me know what design will work best on it. It lets let me know slowly. The piecing pattern of this quilt is called "Card Tricks" or "Winning Hand", either way this is going to be a fun quilt to quilt.

While I am quilting I have my embroidery machine going. This time I am making birthday cards....

During stressful times or I need a break from life I enjoy a weekly challenge with watercolors...This week was a monochrome painting of a roadrunner. It will be going to my mom. She loves to feed the roadrunners frozen meatballs. We have fed as many as 12 in a day! We have no issues with rattle snakes.

I hope this New year brings you peace, joy and new found friends. Oh, I almost forgot....please email me your birthday month. I have a special gift for you.

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