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Snow in Tucson!!!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It is gone now but WOW what a surprise. Our retreat guests from the north escaped their winter weather and were greeted by our record breaker of a snow storm. The wind was crazy, the rain as well as the snow. This did not dampen the spirits of these quilters. I took them on the shop hop of the local quilt stores and we all enjoyed going to the quilt show at the fairgrounds. We had one lady that had never been on a retreat or been to a quilt show. She completed not only one top but 2 others!!! The massages were most welcomed as well as the hot tub.There were many funny stories that came from this retreat. What happens here stays here..... Enjoy the photos and see what is coming up in the near future.....

The Stacking Basket class was a fun challenge....And the cactus pin cushion class was back by popular demand. Another is scheduled For March 11th from 2-6pm. There are 4 slots open. $25 reservations are required. Everything is included.

The Block of the Month class is the Veggie Cats. The background and borders are not included. They are $30 but if you sign up for two classes at a time they are $25 each. This month (March) is Broc-Kitty (March 4th 1-4pm) and next month is

Catus Romanus. (April 8th 1-4pm)

March 7th the Sonoran Featherweight group meets here (free and fun). We are still small but we have great ideas and plans. 10-noon the first Tuesday of each month.

March 8-10th is a very fun 3 Day Retreat 9-4pm. We will be making a triple saguaro wall hanging. Pattern, fabric for cactus, background, and batting, thread and sewing machines are included. The borders and backing are not included. Hurry, time is running out....Held in my studio $180. Lunch all three days is included!

Last but not least is the popular YOUTH SEWING CAMP. March 13-17. Beginners start 9-noon with awesome easy projects, instruction on a sewing machine, and a trip to a quilt store for fabric for their projects. The intermediate students will be making some fabulous items and will also be going to the quilt store in our BIG RED. $100 Reservations are required in advance.

AND at the up coming class we will be working on a Spring Bench Pillow. April 1st, 9-4...Bring your lunch. Fabric for the front of the pillow is included. The insert and backing are not. No photo available at this time. $35 reservations are required.

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