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Wix: A great way to create a website

My husband, Lee, acts as my computer guru. He has been learning how to create this website, as we go. All this was completely new, strange may be a better word, certainly challenging. When we started, we knew nothing about the process. We paid a gentleman for an hour's worth of advice. His best comment, was "take a look at Wix". Whatever Wix was, we didn't know. Google to the rescue. Soon we knew Wix is a creation tool for websites. Being kind of frugal (cheap), he decided that if he could fly a wide-body jet around the world, he certainly could figure out website creation. Wix was relatively straight forward. The second best part was the ability to Preview your work and see how it actually would look on a desktop monitor or a mobile device. The top best attribute was the help button. Numerous helpful articles, videos, and most importantly - the button to request a call back from a Wix customer service agent. Wix support was amazing (most of the time). A couple of times, we did not get a response. But the help we did get, was superb. This entire website was made by Lee, who had no idea how to do so, in the beginning. It is a work in progress, i.e. the Lesson section. More will come, especially helpful videos. Stay tuned, this is pretty amazing technology for us "older adults". Thanks for reading.

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